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Access Data from
Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device!

Accessing all your company data Anywhere – Anytime – Any Device has never been simpler. Let our cloud solutions specialists put their expertise to work for you. Engaging with Complete Systems for Cloud Services gives you everything your organization needs – your software, operating systems, personal settings, applications, security, and data – in the cloud, we make productivity and efficiency a reality. We make it safe, simple, and affordable too! Complete Systems Cloud Computing & Cloud Services allow Organizations to get Enterprise Technologies without the cost of an Enterprise budget.

"We really appreciated the smooth transition from our old network to the new environment. Complete Systems ensured that all the foreseeable details were planned for and that any unexpected challenges in the transition were dealt with immediately. Their friendly and helpful demeanour has earned the trust and appreciation of our staff which is crucial for our ongoing support relationship. We recommend Complete Systems to anyone.”

~ Brandur Olafsson, National Director, Finance Administration


"Cloud Services empower and equip your staff to increase efficiency."


There are reasons businesses across the region, just like yours, are looking to Complete Systems Cloud Services.


Security is Our Core Philosophy

Make your company data more secure! Your data is guaranteed to live on Canadian soil putting your concerns about Data Localization and Data Residency to rest.

With Complete Systems your data always lives in Canada.

Whether you are utilizing our private cloud or one of our cloud partners like Microsoft, security is of prime importance at Complete Systems. Managing your applications in a central data center means your data will be safer and more secure in the cloud. Effective cloud management increases security and reduces the risk of cyber attacks. Your business will continue uninterrupted and safe from cyber criminals.

We immediately recognized the need for more security in the Cloud. Complete Systems takes added security measures and has established multiple lines of defense to protect clients’ digital assets.

Cloud Services empower and equip your staff to increase efficiency, enhance communication, increase collaboration, improve security, and simplify teamwork.

Cost Efficiency

Never purchase an expensive server again! Never pay countless hours to install and configure a new server!

Utilize industry-leading uptime! Reduce or eliminate up-front capital costs!

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Our Cloud Services are powerful tools that streamline your business!


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