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Complete Systems Manages IT for organizations in the GTA & nearby regions.


IT Services Toronto


For most of our customers, Information Technology is not their core business and they just want it to work, hence our slogan, “we will focus on your IT needs, so that you can focus on your business.” Complete Systems is your small-business IT support specialist. Wheather you are a ten-person company or a one-hundred user organization, we cater to SMB’s of various size and verticals.

Complete Systems has been providing comprehensive Managed IT Services to organizations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Canada for over 20 years.

We provide IT services such as Infrastructure Management, Cloud Solutions, Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity, End-User Support, Telephony and Technology Planning. Whether your organization is seeking to fully outsource all IT operations or supplement existing internal IT staff, Complete Systems, with over 90 years of combined IT experience, possesses the capabilities to accommodate and manage solutions of varying scale.

Our entire portfolio of Managed IT Services are backed by proven success and our intentional desire to nurture long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

"Through our rapid expansion, Complete Systems came through with innovative ideas to expand our network so smoothly, we didn't feel a bump."

~ Robert Bishop, President/Owner, AWS


"When you select Complete Systems, you get more than a generic technology provider; you gain a technology partner, your one-stop-shop for everything IT."


Services Include

24/7 Monitoring
We monitor your IT assets in real-time with strategic alerts and ensure our team is always looking over your IT investments, so they stay available for your business. Focus on your business while our team and software prevents problems from happening and reduce potential down-time.

IT Security Management
Work confidently as our team makes sure your company's data is properly secured from various threats including cyber-threats and backed up with the right software, hardware and security best practices.

Help Desk and On-Site Support
Increase your team's productivity as our team of IT experts is always ready to answer your calls and remotely support or visit your site to resolve any issue or address your questions and concerns.

Network Management
Provide optimal pro-active performance, fine-tuning and management to your business network infrastructure and business assets and make sure everything is running smoothly and securely for you.

Executive Reporting
We provide complete reporting and documentation of our work and performance of your network and IT assets so you know exactly what's going on.

Virtual CIO
We adapt a proactive approach to your IT needs with regular reviews, IT alignment and strategic planning so you're always prepared for what's next. When it comes to IT, no business, plan to fail, but a lot, fail to plan.

The Complete System 4M (CS-4M) approach is based on four pillars, which are industry best practices and from our many years of experience managing thousands of devices and assets for our Clients. This proven process enables the organizations we work with to benefit from the same high-quality services, whatever their size and industry.

We monitor your IT assets in real-time with strategic alerts and ensure our team is always looking over your IT investments, so they stay available for your business.

Our team and managed services approach continuously maintain your hardware and software with updated patches, maintenance releases, scheduled site visits and a dedicated remote support team that is always on standby to address your user needs.

We proactively manage all your IT assets to ensure optimal performance, avoid cyber-security threats, business continuity and ensuring your business with complete peace of mind.

Our team helps you to maximize on your IT investment by making sure every device and asset are always running optimally and according to the best standards of the industry.

Complete Systems is ready to partner with you in managing your IT investment. Contact us today.


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